Bonded Rings as a Benefit? 12/17/2017 08:22 PM CST
Hey guys,

Lylia and I were just chatting and thought of another thing we would like to see: the option to purchase or add the script / attune the playerids to existing wedding bands, for Premium Points. Both players would need to be Premium subs, of course, to access the Lighthouse to do this. ;)

If it weren't approved as a Premium service for PP, then perhaps as an automated service that could be purchased and attuned at one of the for-pay events where it fits. At a reduced translated cost from Cathedrals ofc, since you would not be required to put that level of work-hours in for each couple.

Many of us have been married forever, some since before cathedral weddings were even a glint in anyone's brain. I'd gladly pay for a set of rings in PP or Simucoin exchange at an event. If you automate it once, essentially replicating the ring bonding room mechanics in a room in the Lighthouse or similar, you can probably do quite a bit of business on it for less effort than even Sadie scrolls require.

E, who is an old married lady and cannot face having an actual wedding again, but who would like to annoy her husband quarter-hourly
Re: Bonded Rings as a Benefit? 12/17/2017 09:59 PM CST
It is not a wedding you would be planning, it would be an ANNIVERSARY PARTY.

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Re: Bonded Rings as a Benefit? 12/17/2017 11:41 PM CST
I mentioned renewal of vows in the Faendryl wedding document ( for anyone whose characters got married waaaay before anyone thought of cathedral weddings yet wants something more "official" than an anniversary celebration. It's specific to Faendryl weddings in the docs, but I figure anyone who wants to celebrate a wedding despite having been married for a while should feel free to do it -- or to have a fabulous anniversary party with fancy new attuned rings. :)

I'll probably still stick to bothering Silvean the old-fashioned way with chalk and planar shifts, but I do think the ring attunement would be a great premium-point addition.

--- Lauren, Lylia's player