So why is it... 11/16/2017 06:25 PM CST
...that I haven't ever seen a suggestion put forward to get a BLANK Fusion orb, which we could then submit to be turned into a Tier 1-through-4 Enhancive?

Obviously, there would be some differences, like "only ONE thing getting Enhanced", not 2 as is currently possible with Premium. But then again, the benefit of being able to stuff it into a Fusion slot probably outweighs losing out on that.


If it does come to pass, I would like to suggest that they come in only four (4) colors, which colors can NEVER be used by 'normal' orbs; one each for "gives ranks (or stat value)" and "gives bonus", and "gives consumable points" and "gives consumable recovery".
Re: So why is it... 11/16/2017 11:43 PM CST
Low perceived demand.

The maximum values available via things found in the treasure system far exceed what can be done with most premium point enhancives (excluding certain Recovery enhancements). Also, most people would prefer to enhance their existing gear in slots that do not normally contain enhancives.

Re: So why is it... 11/17/2017 08:50 AM CST
Tell that to someone who can find a maximum of "+3 EL:Water ranks" floating around out there, and only ONE of those. :(