Xerria Unlocks - potential new items! 10/21/2017 09:26 AM CDT
RE: Eisenrucks, Yokes, gem gathering pouches...

Astenniall deeply asks, "Will these make it to Xerria's list maybe?"
Gunkweeler says, "If she wants 'em, they'll get to her list."

-- Robert

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Re: Xerria Unlocks - potential new items! 04/27/2018 01:34 PM CDT
"RE: Eisenrucks, Yokes, gem gathering pouches..." -- OtherRobert

Okay, someone decipher Xerria's list to me, please?

Both the quartz orb baldrics/yokes & the eisenrucks are shown in the 'information' list as "(T1, T2)".
Is there in fact a "T0" that they are sold at off-the-shelf, so they are improved by one step each time to arrive at T1 and then T2?
Or is she saying that she can work on a T1 [making it T2] and/or a T2 [making it a T3], at the 'basic' level?



Both are also listed in the 'limited' area, as "(T3)".

So likewise, is she bringing them to T3, or she is permitted to work upon a T3 [making it a T4]?



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Re: Xerria Unlocks - potential new items! 04/27/2018 01:46 PM CDT
They are OTS at T0 and can be unlocked UP to T1 and T2, or UP to T3 as a limited unlocking
Re: Xerria Unlocks - potential new items! 04/27/2018 01:56 PM CDT
Then I guess I don't understand what the five tiers (0 through 4) are, for the quartz baldrics.
- OTS they are T0, but they hold one charge. (Like the yoke I have.)
- Having had service on my baldric twice, it should notionally be T2 [0 +1 +1], and hold three charges (which it does).
- They only have four (4) rings displayed, and Mikos said that was the limit, currently.
- When I get a Xerria 'Limited' unlocking to go to T3, that will open up the fourth ring...



Never mind. Mikos handled that in the 'analyze':
"This is a fully unlocked, Tier 4 yoke. This yoke is sold OTS with one tier unlocked." -- https://gswiki.play.net/Quartz_Orb_Baldric


Does this mean that the Xerria page needs to be changed to say T2 & T3 for regular, and T4 for the Limited?
Re: Xerria Unlocks - potential new items! 04/27/2018 02:02 PM CDT
T3 does not open up a 4th slot.

I don't remember them being 1 unlock off the shelf but I guess so! The tier number directly equals how many slots it can hold for a quzrtz orb or for the eisenrucks, gems.