PCALC request 08/27/2017 10:30 AM CDT
I know this request has been made before, but I'd like to make it again:

>You have 1200 points available.
>You do not have enough points for that service on a black oak longbow.
>All point costs are estimates until Sadie has a chance to examine the item. Some items may have restrictions that will not allow certain services.

Can PCALC please be updated to give the total projected cost it would take to work on an item regardless as to whether or not an account currently has enough points available? It can be frustrating to not easily know the projected cost via this feature simply because I need another 1, 2, or however many more months' consecutive Premium subscription to complete the work. Yes, I know I can ask someone with more points than me if they can use PCALC for me to get the projected numerical value. Yes, I know that the formulas are posted on the wiki. But if the tool to auto-calculate already exists and already provides that point amount, why not make it friendlier to use?

Thanks for the consideration.

- Overlord EK

>You now regard Eorgina with a warm demeanor.
Re: PCALC request 08/27/2017 04:49 PM CDT

Yes please! This would be a very handy QOL improvement.
Re: PCALC request 08/28/2017 08:36 PM CDT
I also agree, this would be a very welcome update