Request: Prename "Miss" 07/15/2017 02:29 PM CDT
tl;dr Please add "Miss" as a possible prename title so we can run around with the already existing "Mister" pre-named men.

I recently spent the 600 premium points for the account wide pre/post name titles listed under Premium 11. I absolutely love the "astronomer" title for my star-themed wizard and I love the prename title "Mistress" for one of my other characters.

When I went to introduce one of my characters to someone, I caught myself wanting to say "I'm Miss soandso" and that's when I realized that "Miss" isn't actually an available prename title! Whaaaat?

So while I'm not arguing for equal # of titles between the genders (although that'd be nice for the gentlemen who have access to less...) I would at least like to have equivalent titles when possible.

Also, in present day, using the title "Miss" is fairly common in English when being polite or respectful, so I think it'd be nice to have it formally in the game. ;)

Re: Request: Prename "Miss" 07/15/2017 07:37 PM CDT
This is a great suggestion. I'd definitely use Miss for some of my characters.
Re: Request: Prename "Miss" 07/17/2017 10:40 AM CDT
Didn't know you played an archer, Kelly...


Re: Request: Prename "Miss" 07/17/2017 12:09 PM CDT
You miss-understand. It's a diversion tactic. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I'm told.