Will there be a _____ version?

One of the things about making an iPhone game is the very moment you put it out there, everyone with anything that's not an iPhone wonders if you'll be bringing it to their fav device. iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7, '65 TransAm.

I totally understand that sentiment. So let me give you the low-down on our plans:

We absa-tootin-tively plan to bring Tiny Heroes to the iPad. However, it will not be the same game. I mean this in the best possible way. The iPad has a different screen proportion. Sure we could just port the game over at 2x size and stick something in that extra space. How about ads!?!? Thought not. But we are game designers and we see that space and we think, boy howdy would we like to use it right! So we will. The iPad version will have 0% overlap in levels with the iPhone version. The dungeons will be "thicker" as it were and that means more dungeon terrain to play with. And so none of our current ones would make sense even if we wanted to just use them again. But we don't. Our lil' game designing hearts just can't bear it.

So if you have an iPhone and an iPad, get it on the iPhone and trust us when we say the iPad version not be just buying the same thing again. We'll craft it right!

How about Android then? Oh gosh golly. Lots of people have Androids. One problem is that "Android" is a pretty vague term. The hardware can vary so widely between Android devices. The high-end ones are more than capable of a game like Tiny Heroes, but by sheer volume the vast majority are not. They either have too little horsepower or they have itsy bitsy low resolution screens or whatever. That is one thing that makes porting games there haaaaaaard (said with whiny voice).

Right now we don't have firm Android plans. Truth is, it's a giant porting job. Usually the best way to do this is to port the title there using a 3rd party development shop with expertise in Android. And that's probably what we'll do. Of course that don't come cheap, as they say. So first we gotta run TH up the charts on iOS and then it's time to branch out to those new waters.

My geoDefense fans know I've ported GD to Windows Phone 7 already. And they have a nice platform and completely consistent and powerful hardware, which makes it a reasonable thing. I also happen to enjoy myself some C# programming. With geoDefense, I worked with Microsoft Games Studio and that's what I'd want to do again with Tiny Heroes. We're in preliminary discussions, so we'll see how that goes. It's pretty much their call.

Some other places we want to bring hordes of heroic tininess: A Mac app is a natural fit. I think, however, it probably makes sense to port the eventual iPad version rather than the iPhone version (still have to think about that). Then perhaps a web-based version too, if we can figure out a good way to do that.

Our little hands are very busy... we want to bring Tiny Heroes everywhere. It's hard not to, given the glare of the Epic Wizard.