goner among epic theives 02/23/2012 06:25 PM CST
i thought the challenge level with ordinary thieves was difficult enough but epic thieves you've got to be joking me.. lol

any tips at all?

thanks everybody :)
Re: goner among epic theives 02/23/2012 06:39 PM CST
I managed to get 3 stars doing it this way, but it's likely not the optimum solution.

Wait until the first thief has removed one of the floor spikes. Place a ballista there, right behind him. This will confuse the thief and make him run over floor spikes until he's not bein shot any more, so I tried to guess where he would be and place a bomb there about the same time as I placed the ballista. The goal is to not give the thief enough time to disarm the bomb or to disarm another trap. I didn't make that goal very often.

As more thieves come in, place another ballista in any clear spot that will shoot them as they disarm a trap, and about the same time a bomb a couple of tiles away, on top of a trap, in the direction the thief will run. I tried harder to protect the perforator in the middle, but it didn't work very long.

I didn't have any luck sending waves in early. Using a lot of ballistas and bombs I managed to get all the thieves before they had disarmed all the traps. At the end, I had several epic thieves sort of wandering around in the cleared area, avoiding the ballistas that were near the traps but taking a bit of damage and eventually dying. You can't bomb them, because they will disarm the bomb. You have to distract them enough with the ballistas that they don't try to disarm the bomb.
Re: goner among epic theives 02/24/2012 05:15 AM CST

Got it! Now to deal with the pirate ship..