I need help in "Quite the Looker" 01/29/2012 01:11 PM CST

Please :)
Re: I need help in "Quite the Looker" 01/29/2012 01:44 PM CST
I've done it with two different strategies. Choose the one you like:

1. Keep the heroes in the front.
Block off the top and bottom corridors, near the front. Wall blades or floor spikes in the dead end with the looker. Note that the looker won't stay there. Shooters on the edges of the front area, with floor spikes in front of them. Slime or tar + bomb on the clumps. Rock drop if heroes break through to the top or bottom corridor.

Replace the looker when it gets killed. The Looker confuses the heroes so that they do more milling around than normal, and are more likely to wander into wall blades, floor spikes, etc.

2. Concentrate defenses just past the top and bottom corridors.
Fill the corridors with wall blades, and either a barricade or perforator (if you have it) at the end. Shooters near that mana pool.

Do put wall blades in the dead end with the looker, because heroes will wander into it. With this strategy replacing the looker after it is killed is optional, so if you don't want to use a slot for it, don't.

When epics enter a corridor, send rock drop on that corridor. Slime or tar is useful but not as crucial as in the first strategy. If an epic lasts to the end of the corridor, bomb him.

In BOTH strategies, I find it well worth the slot to stock mana crab, so that I get a jumpstart in my economy. If you haven't bought the defense pack you won't have that.