Fails from the Crypt 09/21/2011 07:18 AM CDT
Hello y'all!
I could use some tips on Fails form the Crypt challenge level...
It's driving me nuts trying to get 3 stars... All levels before it I managed to beat with 3 stars almost like a breeze (got stuck in Rat Race but a few tries were sufficient), but this one's the hardest level so far...


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Re: Fails from the Crypt 09/21/2011 10:21 AM CDT
Same here, this one kicked my butt in a way no other level has. I've tried a number of different strategies, but it's never even been close. I figure I need to use token sacrifices to draw the epic archers shots away from my horde, divide the heroes when possible, and keep my skeletons concentrated... but like I said, it hasn't even been close.
Re: Fails from the Crypt 09/21/2011 10:40 AM CDT
I can get 1 star easily, 2 stars with pure luck (depending how skeletons wander around, less get killed by those power archer shots)... but 3 stars is, at this very moment, impossible to me...

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Re: Fails from the Crypt 09/29/2011 02:01 PM CDT

I guess I was over thininking it. I finally ended up getting all 3 starts (and the bonehead achievement) by basically just dropping a blocker at each entrance (to draw some hits and stun) and letting the skeletons roam free. Just made sure to draw the epic archer fire away and everything went smooth.
Re: Fails from the Crypt 01/24/2012 03:51 AM CST
The best I've done (still not enough) used living walls to block skeletons in corners, hiding them & letting them wait for the heroes to be stunned.
I feel like I'm throwing grass at the heroes in this level. So pitiful.
Re: Fails from the Crypt 02/04/2012 04:57 PM CST
I just 3 starred this level 2 times. And just got the "Bonehead" achievement with 25 skeletons left...

here's what works for me...

Place a living wall on the top entrance as far left as you can... only block 1 of the 2 spaces.
same thing on the bottom entrance except use a barricade...

the heroes will attack these with a vengeance giving your skeletons a chance to attack them...

wait for the walls to crumble before replacing. it doesn't matter what you use, (living wall or barricade) just keep em there...

also keep pumping skeletons in the entrance, preferably right on top of the incoming heroes...
Re: Fails from the Crypt 02/04/2012 05:15 PM CST
Thank you thank you thank you!!!! It WORKED! I had given up on even getting one star on this level.

Now if I can just get "They're Wizards Harry" I'll have all of SK at 3 stars.
Re: Fails from the Crypt 02/09/2012 03:36 PM CST
I was still having a lot of trouble with this one even with the above strategies. I just nailed it with what I think is a foolproof one, that is, three stars and the heroes never got past the entrance.

The key was selecting a defense that I was avoiding with this level, the spring trap. Choose both blockade types and place one or the other on each entrance and then drop a spring trap at the other spot blocking the entrance. The poor thieves bend down trying to disarm it to let your skeletons bash their brains in. The other heroes keep trying to tear down the blockade (the thieves are in their way of them coming through the other open spot) and your skeletons rush out into the opening and easily outnumber them in their distraction. Keep the blockades fresh and add a skeleton to the top and bottom tier each time it comes up and you are assured success.

To the developers - this is a great game and one of the few apps out there worth paying out some gold for. Cheers.
Re: Fails from the Crypt 02/09/2012 03:50 PM CST
The Spring Trap distraction is a great tactic for this level, and one that I used myself when designing it. Grats on the 3 star and thanks for the support!

-- Tiny Heroes Designer
Re: Fails from the Crypt - 3 STARS AT LAST!!!!!! 02/23/2012 07:12 AM CST
Man I can't thank you enough! This level was doing my head in big time!!!
I tried everything & only managed 1 star if I was lucky! Your plan of putting a 1x blockade top & bottom right at the start & then replacing it when it got destroyed worked instantly!
Plus I got the bonehead achievement!
Thanks again man - I've now got 3 Stars on all levels on both 'The Dungeon' & 'Sorcerer's Keep' - I guess it's time to spend 69p on some in game level purchases!
Thor :)