The Road Less Traveled 02/22/2012 04:04 PM CST

I've 3* this one, but my score completely stinks. I'm stuck at 7,669. Soooo, anyone?
Re: The Road Less Traveled 02/22/2012 04:29 PM CST
Your score beats mine (7158). For reference, here is the strategy that I use to play this one.

mana crab
lightning tower
wall press

1. Spam mana and mana crab near the treasure room.

2. 5 lightning towers near that first mana pool on the bottom path. Put them in the bottom alcove and above-right of the mana pool. Replace as they are destroyed. Usually only the first one gets destroyed.

3. One tribal-ista above-left of the mana pool. Replace as destroyed (several times).

3. On the top path, gork at the end, then 3 wall presses where they will go, and a perforator right after the last one. One lightning tower right around the corner from the perforator.

4. Bomb for emergency work.
Re: The Road Less Traveled 03/02/2012 06:45 PM CST
You both beat my score of 7144 with 3 stars!
Re: The Road Less Traveled 03/14/2012 09:12 PM CDT
I am a bit hesitant to give away my strategy in the Ruins because whoever TobleroneSnout is, he keeps beating me for the top spot *shakes fist*, but oh well.

I scored 8271 using the following defenses. If anybody has a better score let me know how to do it please.

Living Wall
Rock Drop
Ion Cannon
Fire Blast

Without completely RUINing it (groan), here are some hints:

1) You do not need any mana crystals/crabs
2) Open the top left door before you start (you do that by clicking the flag to show the map then double tapping the door)
3) Push all waves immediately (keep tapping on the stopwatch in the top left)
4) Use the defenses in the order listed above, and you only need to use each defense one time.
Re: The Road Less Traveled 03/14/2012 09:32 PM CDT
That sounds most impressive, but I can't get 3 stars that way. Guess I just can't move my hands fast enough, but by the time I've pushed all the waves there are heroes in the treasure room already. That ion cannon sure took out a lot of heroes though! Neat.
Re: The Road Less Traveled 03/14/2012 10:33 PM CDT
You don't have to move too fast on this one. Put the slime up top and that will kill all of the heroes that take that path if you push all the waves (don't even worry about the door just put the slime directly to the right of the left door). Put the living wall to the right of the mana pool and that will keep them all in that entrance area. Then put the rock on top of the living wall and just wait to launch it until the living wall explodes. Then as the rock takes out one group, put the spire where the living wall was. Then put the ion cannon to the left of the spire and wait to activate it until your spire almost gives way. Then use a skeleton and the fire blast to clean up the last couple waves.
Re: The Road Less Traveled 03/15/2012 07:44 AM CDT
It worked! 8168, but it was a very near thing. I needed a second skeleton and a second living wall to keep heroes from the treasure room. Possibly if I practice I could get it with just one each, but since I don't care about my score, I'm probably going to stick to my usual strategies on this one.