Roommates 02/14/2012 11:25 PM CST
Could I get some suggestions on this level, please. I'm having trouble keeping the bottom door from being destroyed...
Re: Roommates 02/15/2012 05:17 AM CST
Here's my strategy:

1. Spam mana crystals in the protected area and then on the sides of the room at the rear.

2. Gork at the end of the bottom corridor. If the gork is destroyed and can't be replaced right then, plant a mimic, but a gork is best.

3. Wall blades, working from the gork forward, where they can be placed.

4. Floor spikes in front of the door to the room at the rear.

5. Ballistas and another gork in the room at the rear. Once you have on ballists and one gork in the room just leave the door open, because it can then fire on heroes while the bottom corridor gork is fighting them and the floor spike is hurting them. That's about where the heroes usually pause to fight the bottom gork. Optionally a mimic in there, behind the gork and ballistas.

6. When the epic knight shows up and makes it into the room at the rear, throw whatever you have at him. Floor spikes under his feet, another gork, a mimic - whatever is available. If he is the only hero left and you have a mimic on the upper corridor then don't worry about him - the mimic will get him. With the door to that room in the rear open, the epic knight will often turn around and go back up the bottom corridor before returning to try that lower room, which gives him triple exposure to your wall blades.

When I played this and tried to defend the upper corridor strongly, heroes had more chances to get through. Most of the time heroes don't go into the rooms other than the one at the rear anyway. When I notice that a thief has opened a door, I close it, but I don't worry too much. I do put a gork or mimic at the end of the upper corridor and a couple of wall blades, but trust to my lower corridor defenses to keep the heroes contained.