Shortcuts 02/05/2012 12:00 PM CST
This is a challenge level, so it's not surprising that I'm having problems with it (my hands are a bit slow and I play on an iPad which makes it worse). I did manage to get ONE star once, but my strategy that time didn't look like it would work for getting 3 stars.

Any tips?
Re: Shortcuts 02/06/2012 08:37 AM CST

I'm up to 2-stars. I've been filling up the central corridor with mana crystals and the odd defence near the front to make them back off, and luring them into my wall blades in the side corridors. 3 blades with a gork or a ballista at the end tends to make them leave or die. Having a bit of trouble with all the epic knights at the end though - I think there must be a trick to making them turn around.
Re: Shortcuts 02/06/2012 09:50 AM CST
I'll have to try that approach on my lunch break. I'd been trying to get the heroes to use the central path, with lots of wall blades in the central path, and a gork and floor spikes and mana at the end of the central path - but then some epic would sneak by me on upper or lower because I didn't have mana or nothing was recharged when I needed it.
Re: Shortcuts 02/07/2012 07:04 AM CST

Yeah, my tactic worked eventually. Took a bit of luck, and I had to kill some of the epic knights in the central corridor with spikes and spammed ballistae/gorks. Make sure you have a gork behind the second door in the top and bottom corridors, and you can direct people to some extent by opening/closing the doors.

Right, on to Entering and Breaking...
Re: Shortcuts 02/07/2012 01:38 PM CST

finally 3* this one. At the front i placed a gork at each entry point and ballista's to fill in (replace as needed), this will give you much need time to fill the rest of the map.

Upper and lower hallways were: first door, blade, blade, blade, gork, second door, spike, spike, gork and mana pool.

The center hallway I put mana at each of the t's and a couple at the end, blades were it would take them, spikes on each side of the mana.


let me know if this works for anyone else or was just a fluke.
Re: Shortcuts 02/07/2012 02:20 PM CST
THANK YOU!!! It worked for me, although it was a very close thing. One of the epic knights made it into the treasure room, but a ballista on the other side of a mana pool killed him before he got far enough into the corridor - his treasure was dropped into the treasure room.
Re: Shortcuts 02/07/2012 03:03 PM CST
A less confusing (to me) solution:

1. Fill most of the central area with mana, starting from the rear.

2. Fill the left column with gorks and ballistas, starting in the center. You want to try to have 3 gorks in that column, close to the three entrances, and the rest ballistas. One gork can be a tile in on the central path if you like to make room for another ballista. Keep replacing these as fast as you can - they will be destroyed often.

3. Fill the top and bottom paths with wall blades starting from the front, with a gork right in front of the interior door, and at the end of the path before the mana pool

I was conservative and put some spikes and whatnot in the central path near the front, but nobody got past the gorks and ballistas into that path. The farthest any of the heroes got was halfway through the bottom path. Epic knight killed my gork and was hitting the door; I dropped another gork in and that finished him.
Re: Shortcuts 12/09/2012 02:24 PM CST

I had great success by keeping the doors to the other rooms open, once I had filled them with wall blades. Put a ballista only at the end and everyone turns around and goes back through all the blades. Same with the middle path. I only put two ballistics near the end of the path. Once they've run the gauntlet, they turn around to find a better path. Also, put floor spikes only in front of wall blades. Once thieves get hurt they will usually move on instead of staying to disable the trap.