Dynamite fishing 10/17/2011 08:07 AM CDT
I just can't beat Dynamite fishing.
Re: Dynamite fishing 10/26/2011 08:39 AM CDT

Sa,e here, seems something to do with letting waves come in early, but im swamped in the last round. Any small hints?
Re: Dynamite fishing 10/26/2011 09:39 AM CDT

Alright 3 star rating strategy here.

Make your stand at the entrance, if they breakthrough it's all over.

begin by first planting a trebuchet/slingshot behind the first wall
Then to make sure they will all stay inside the line for the slingshot plant the living wall in the first cove, just before the timer starts you will be having another living wall on the other side of the cove so people start hacking that and if your quick you can place another slngshot behind the first. Just make sure when a lot of thieves come you distract them with a bomb, so time that well. If the archers come, they do massive damage to your living walls, kill it with fire quick.

Anyway place slingshots also behind the living walls so if the do breakthrough the single line you wont be defenseless, they won't come through. Use the lightning to make sure as much waves as possible are enabled

Time your repair according to your countdown of your living wall, so you wont repair something if you can also afford to replace your living walls

Hope this helps stragglers
Re: Dynamite fishing 11/21/2011 07:29 PM CST

I absolutely hate this level. I have tried it so many times and the best I have done is get the last wave of epic clerics just walk through and get the gold.
I love this game, but some of the levels just seem to be a little random or you need to fluke it to win. I feel like this is going to be one of those levels.
I'll have a few more goes, or hope for a walkthrough video or tactics to come up.
Re: Dynamite fishing 11/21/2011 08:23 PM CST

Wow - I finally fluked it.
I started with 2 catapults and 2 living walls dropping tar+bombs on people as they attacked. I kept replacing the living walls as I could and then put a catapult above and then below shooting towards the entrance. I carried on spamming tar+bombs, and the rolling rock and fire and lightning bolt whenever there started to be too many, and I repaired whenever a couple of enemy got through and tried to pick them off.
I eventually put a catapult at the back of the bunch facing the gold to pick up a couple of stragglers and then the last wave came through with all the epic clerics :/ By this time I had 9 catapults, 8 facing the front and one facing behind. The clerics steamed through and I thought "here we go again", but I dropped a living wall just in front of the gold. I then dumped everything as it came up, I dropped a rolling rock, I dropped tar+bomb, I dropped lightning and in the meantime the gold facing catapult behind the wall dropped a few shots on the epic clerics. All the damage somehow added up and one last catapult rock finished the last cleric off, but it was ridiculously close. I never want to see that level ever again!
Re: Dynamite fishing 02/15/2012 11:47 PM CST
Hi all!
Thank you SERIOUSARNOUD. Your strategy is worked. 3 STARS from first try.