Hold the line 01/28/2012 02:33 PM CST

Need help: how do I get 3 stars?!
Re: Hold the line 01/28/2012 04:46 PM CST
In another thread Simu-Stephen said:
First and foremost, build tons of Mana Crystals. Like, as many as you can reasonably fit into the back half of the level.

Second, make sure you plug the hole in the front line. A Barricade works well, and then it matches all the other Barricades up there.

Third, Catapults are perfect for firing over Barricades.

And fourth, Bombs. Lots of Bombs.
Re: Hold the line 01/29/2012 03:56 AM CST

Thanks, I managed to make a little path.. With a Choke point I could use apiles and cara effectivly
Re: Hold the line 01/29/2012 10:37 PM CST

Yeh yeh, but what if a weapon fails?
Re: Hold the line 01/30/2012 08:03 AM CST
Replace weapons that are destroyed.

Lots of bombs helps too, particularly any time you see an epic: bomb him when he's in a clump of heroes so that you damage all of them.
Re: Hold the line 02/12/2012 09:28 PM CST

Sorry TCAR7. Only use bombs as a last resort. Choke points help and try two lines of catapults.