Gorks gone wild 09/13/2011 05:09 PM CDT

So i'm trying to unlock my Perforator, all i need is Dogpile which i have to get 3stars on Gorks gone wild by just using gorks and mana crystas but NO MATTER what i do i keep losing the 3star mark on the last wave =[ any suggestions??

I've used the mana crystals as a wall to buy time, placed gorks everywhere (spaced out, close to gether, etc...) >.<
Re: Gorks gone wild 09/13/2011 05:17 PM CDT

don't spend too much to protect the ante chamber in the front. Do your best to fort up and block the two passages to the rear chamber to protect the 9 gores, and slam on the damn epic wizards.

its most important to keep that area blocked and the epic wizards away from a direct line of fire.
Re: Gorks gone wild 09/13/2011 05:41 PM CDT
HFDE, I think you're referring to "Goblin City", which is a Challenge Level in Sorcerer's Keep.

-- Tiny Heroes Designer
Re: Gorks gone wild 09/13/2011 05:55 PM CDT

I think i've been playing this game for too long in the mornings.... I really need some sleep...
Re: Gorks gone wild 09/13/2011 06:14 PM CDT
The trick with gorks gone wild is to place the gorks in the middle chamber, make it symmetric. If one put one side on the left, put one on the right. Basically place enough mana crystals so you can consistently make gorks without having to wait and then use the mana crystals as walls. That should give you some more time to make gorks in the middle chamber. Block off the entrance to the middle chamber with mana crystals as long as you can. Again you should only do this if you have an abundance of mana crystals.
Re: Gorks gone wild 09/13/2011 08:50 PM CDT
I appreciate the help with the even harder achievement to save the 9 gorks!

Will get that tonight.
Re: Gorks gone wild 09/14/2011 09:29 PM CDT

baaah!! I was so close, but still failed, always the last wave lol >.<
Re: Gorks gone wild 09/27/2011 03:51 PM CDT
Bring mana crystals and gorks and any other defenses to this level. Then constantly start putting crystals gorks near the entrance.Don't stop at any cost. i did this and got the achievement.