Rat Race 09/09/2011 07:08 PM CDT
Holy cow! Can't survive past the second wave with this one. Halp?
Re: Rat Race 09/13/2011 06:17 PM CDT
Wave 1 - Make mana crystals until the archer steals your crystal. When the archer is trying to leave the dungeon, put up one of those saw blades + a rock or a gork. Then drop a rat so it returns the gold. 6 crystals is enough to get a decent stream of mana. Basically keep letting them steal the gold and as they are trying to leave, throw down all your defenses to stop them and use the rat to return the gold.
Re: Rat Race 09/16/2011 07:07 PM CDT

I tried exactly as you state and I still can't seem to pull this off. Rat Race and Boulderdash! are a REAL pain. Getting REALLY frustrated at this point...these two are holding me up from reaching the 250,000 achievement goal. Any help step by step would be truly appreciated.
Re: Rat Race 09/17/2011 03:36 AM CDT
Rat race is actually a lot easier than Boulderdash (two stages I had most difficulty with), but a lot harder to explain (strategy). Let me still try though.

1. The general idea is to spam mana crystals. For the first round, I had a mana crystal and Gorks on the far right (any side is fine).

2. Spam more mana crystals up to a point that the first wave is about to return and put down another Gork on the far right again.

3. Now it gets more challenging, spam bomb whenever possible (I usually cast it at the center gap to hit both waves). Time it properly so that the bomb explodes when they are near. For epic heroes, I choose one side and cast bomb at the entrance.

4. When the epic knight is about to come, I put in the blades and wall combo. Blades on the left, wall on the right).

5. From this point forward, spam Gorks, Bombs and the blade. I actually finished the map filling all the blade spots each, top and bottom (thats 8 blade on top, 8 bottom). I also have 8 crystals (one beside the first Gork, top and bottom again).

6. Like I've said, spam Gorks, Bombs (cast them before they reach the Gorks) and blade whenever needed. Place wall if you think the epic knight can reach you. I had to summon a mouse once because the epic knight managed to break my defense. I also use the mana as a temporary wall (the one you placed beside the first Gork, just enough for the heroes to stay on the blade, and refresh the bomb.

7. Just to clear things up, If im not mistaken, the only spot without the blade is the entrance (half grass, half concrete), the middle gap, and last two on the right. All saw spots were used. I used Gorks on the spots without the blades, and wall to slow things down and allow the Gork and Bomb to refresh.

Good Luck.
Re: Rat Race 09/18/2011 02:39 PM CDT
A pathing quirk makes this level really easy -- heroes don't hang around if someone already took the gold.

As per TABSFX's advice, you start by making mana crystals (in the top and bottom boxes).
We'll focus on the upper right hand side of the board.
During the mana crystal recharge, put one set of spinning blades in..

------ Here there be treasure

Keep building crystals until the archers are about half way through.
By the time they get the treasure and walk back you should have 100 mana.
Wait for the archer carrying the treasure to choose the upper return path.
Quickly build a barricade in front and a gork in the rear
(Half the time, the archer whaps the barricade, other times it gives up and the gork is needed )

It should now look like:

B Barricade
* Spinner
a archer
. potential Spinner
G Gork

Either the spinner or the gork will kill the lucky archer, and the gold heap is between the gork and the barricade.

Now, enjoy the pathing quirk: Hardly any of the heroes notice the upper fork.

Continue building manna crystals, and put in spinning blades.
Season liberally with bombs to taste.

The gork will kill the inquisitive heroes that stray too far up, and needs to be replaced on occasion (I've never needed to have more than one gork at a time)

The epic knights will usually turn back - if one of them doesn't, help out with a bomb.

When the last epic knight is leaving empty-handed, play a rat to get your gold back before the level ends.
Re: Rat Race 09/20/2011 12:24 AM CDT

Rat Race has been walk-through-ized! Enjoy and good luck!

-- Tiny Heroes Designer
Re: Rat Race 09/20/2011 06:40 AM CDT

WHERESTHETROLLS's strategy (or a variation of it anyway) made this level pretty easy. After the treasure is trapped between a wall and a gork, the heroes almost always go into the treasure room then just leave, and I had lots of time to add spinners to the walls. An extra wall or gork to protect the wall, and a rat at the end to get the treasure back in the treasure room after the last heroes have given up, and every once in a while a bomb just because it's more fun that way.