Hoggle Boggle Achievment 02/09/2012 10:53 PM CST

I need a video walkthrough of how to get the Hoggle Boggle achievment.
Re: Hoggle Boggle Achievment 02/09/2012 11:29 PM CST
The way that I got it was:
1. Put barricades immediately in front of the gorks at those two choke points (entrance to the place with the 9 gorks in the rear)

2. wall blades right in front of the barricades, and living walls right in front of THAT. This meant replacing a lot of living walls, but the heroes tend to just wander vertically because all the see is the barricade 2-3 tiles in - giving me time to drop a bomb, and time to replace living walls.

3. Wall blades and floor spikes everywhere that the heroes generally walk.

4. Lots and lots of bombs. Epics coming through the center entrance will have to be bombed twice, so hit them fast. When they come through the top or bottom entrance they are usually in pairs (one top, one bottom) so I wait until they are going to be close enough to be hit by the same bomb and hope they don't do too much damage in the meantime.
Re: Hoggle Boggle Achievment 03/17/2012 03:12 PM CDT
Here's a video walkthrough of the strategy that I used to get this achievement.

The video gets 3 stars, but doesn't protect the rear gorks because my hands can't move fast enough while there's an HDMI cable hanging off the side of the iPad, but that strategy ought to work for you. You may need to try it two or three times, because there's a small amount of luck involved as well.