EPIC EPIC Heroes/Bosses? New heroes/enemies/subclasses 01/29/2012 08:44 PM CST
We've seen them all;

Epic knights that really bulky guy that cleans up after others

Epic thieves stealing the treasure and getting rid of any traps for the heroes

Epic rangers taking down your long corridor of barricades.

Epic clerics keeping the team alive.

Epic wizards just blowing up everything.

However after the eye of the storm (Which for me was EPIC, and it really ends the campaign well),
I think you guys could pull off another set level of heroes i have no clue what you'd name it but having it as a final boss/a boss for a level in general would be really cool to implement more epic bosses.

Also i think it would be really nifty if you guys introduced a new subtype of the preestablished tiny heroes for example;

Knight-> Gladiator; having higher attack but lower defense and hp and speed he does what the knight don't.

Epic gladiator Special move: Pick up a defense and throw it down on another(includes massive/very high hp obstacles also). (Not too overpowered)

Ranger-> Archer; having a little more armor slows down this tiny hero but increases his defense

Epic archer Special move: Able to arrow rain upon a 3x3 squared area around him

Thief-> Demoman; once again being a little bit slower having to carry around all those explosives, but being able to plant them on any defense then leaving watching them explode.

Epic Demoman; places his own defense (A giant bomb that's ready to blow!) on top of one of your defenses then slowly demolishing everything within a 3x3 square

Cleric -> Priest; having relations to god he's always being healed, heals at an incredibly slow rate, Blesses others (sacrifices his own hp for the sake of others) and other units will follow him primarily

Epic Priest; four angels (just regular archers) surround him creating a forcefield as the rangers must be defeated in order to hurt the epic priest

Mage-> summoner; able to call upon heroes from other lands he summons various other heroes (at an insanely low/rare rate)

Epic summoner special move; randomly summons one epic hero to aid him (except another epic summoner)

Well thats a subclass i think you guys should throw in; another one i think you should throw in is a rogue subclass (basically villains that want the treasure also)[also what would be really cool is if you could have like for example good heroes on one side you in the middle and villains on the other and the treasure be somewhere really difficult so the two sides would be fighting as well)

Knight-> Bandit Much faster and stronger but having no armor really kills him.

Epic bandit calls upon a dust storm in order to cover the field not allowing you to see

Ranger-> sniper; the sniper having killed several kings via his trusty sighted longbow is able to fire arrows and turn it up to one time

Epic sniper: very similair to the epic rangers but able to turn his shot twice

Wizard-> Necromancer learning the dark arts was well worth it as now he can summon his very own skeletons to attack.

Epic necromancer summons 8 skeletons around him

Cleric->Bad doctor; the doctor going insane isn't the greatest at healing.. but has experimented with their strength. (50% healing chance 50% stat boost)

Epic bad doctor experimented on himself, being even more dangerous than an epic knight but slower and confused of the goal, he also releases a fume which may apply bad doctor effects to other heroes around him

Theif-> assassin; along with the sniper they were very notorious when getting royal subjects constantly, he has a 50% chance of not being hit but his hp is so frail not having any armor (which compliments his high speed)

epic assassin always kills what he first sees, running in he will make quick of all your "living" units, the biggest prize for him however is going after Carl.
Re: EPIC EPIC Heroes/Bosses? New heroes/enemies/subclasses 01/31/2012 05:26 PM CST
These are all great ideas! I think the game mode with the treasure in the middle and two dueling factions on either side is really interesting. We've also been thinking about a Necromancer who can summon skeletons, so you're on the right track there! Can't promise if or when he'd come out, though.

-- Tiny Heroes Designer
Classes 02/09/2012 01:12 AM CST
What we say again about classes?
All words are already said.
I think optimal Health/Armor/Speed/Attack balance was at coolest game Тeam Fortress.

Tiny classes like Тeam Fortress classes
Soldier = Ranger
Medic = Cleric
Pyro = Wizard
HWguy = EPIC Knight (to much armor and small speed)
Spy = Thief
Sniper (he to accuracy like a EPIC Ranger, but he has to small health)
Scout (he to fast like а EPIC Thief, but he has to small health)
Engeneer (he dismount any devices like a Thief)

Re: EPIC EPIC Heroes/Bosses? New heroes/enemies/subclasses 02/13/2012 03:17 PM CST

Re: EPIC EPIC Heroes/Bosses? New heroes/enemies/subclasses 02/13/2012 08:56 PM CST

What about having epic+ stats?
Re: EPIC EPIC Heroes/Bosses? New heroes/enemies/subclasses improved 02/14/2012 09:48 PM CST
I actually thought of some myself:
Horse rider<Knight
Fast, powerful, epics can streak across the level
These guys are faster at disarming, epics use throwing knives
Mage Knight<cleric
Like horse riders and clerics, epics can attack from 2 spaces away
Can heal allies, epics can create lightning storms
Has a 75% chance of being hit, epics can kill from above
That is actually a good start and they all upgrade their stats by one rank, Horse riders and Mage knights have their speed increased by two ranks.

Please reply!
Epic Theif
Re: EPIC EPIC Heroes/Bosses? New heroes/enemies/subclasses improved 04/04/2012 05:58 AM CDT
Does anyoone else think it is slightly unfair that there are only five types of DIFFERENT heores and endless different defences? Well there should be a new Hero or more then one new hero. Here are some ideas:

Sheild Soilder
Health: Very High
Damage: Medium
Speed; Slow
Range: Short
10% Chance of reflecting projectiles,

EPIC Shield Soilder
Health: EPIC
Damage: Very High
Speed: Medium
Range: Short
20% Chance of reflecting projectiles,

Axe Warror:
Health: High
Damage: High
Speed: Fast
Range: Short

EPIC Axe Warrior
Health: Very High
Damage: Very High
Speed: Very Fast
Range: Short

Jester (Fires Jugling Balls)
Health: Medium
Damage: Very High
Speed: Fast
Range: Long

EPIC Jester
Health: Very High
Damage: EPIC
Speed: EPIC
Range: Long
Every 10th Ball is an Ice ball that freezees defences for a short time.

Thank You and hope you consider these ideas.

Tri-Balista Whoop!
Re: EPIC EPIC Heroes/Bosses? New heroes/enemies/subclasses 08/10/2012 07:01 AM CDT

I like the necromancer idea (either as a defense or a new type of "hero" (term used loosely).

What about:

King / Prince (one up from an Epic Knight - a bit tougher and quicker)

Queen / Princess (one up from Epic Cleric - a bit tougher and more healing ability)