Ok so problem here 02/01/2012 11:04 PM CST
I have had this game for quite a while now, and have played both of Carl's Funhouses and downloaded them etc. They were free what a couple months ago? Now I log into playing the game since I beat if a while back now since the new update, and it says I have to re-download all the levels I once had, and now wants me to pay for them. Is this happening for everybody? I don't think since I already had it that it should just whoop be paid for all of a sudden. It's either that or something went wrong with the update?
Re: Ok so problem here 02/01/2012 11:43 PM CST
We discovered a problem a few hours after the update went live. I'm not a programmer but evidently there is an issue with Apple changing the way something worked under the hood. We have already come up with a fix and submitted it to Apple for review, which usually only takes a few days or less. In the meantime,


This will make it impossible to restore your campaigns. We appreciate your patience! :)

-- Tiny Heroes Designer