Lighting Tower now under powered. 01/26/2012 10:08 AM CST
The multitued of balancing updates have made the defences in Gathering Grounds to under powered. With the slime ball update coming out now, the slime and tar strategy used by you devs doesn't work any more. Aparently the only way to finish is to get the wall crusher using the insane repair man man man achievemnt. Also, lightning towers are not a viable strat any more.

This is NOT a dungeon themed game, it is a treasure hunt themed game. (With lots of heroes of course) XD
Re: Lighting Tower now under powered. 01/26/2012 11:53 AM CST
There was no change to the Lightning Tower in any of the updates.

--Simutronics QA Intern
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Re: Lighting Tower now under powered. 01/31/2012 05:45 PM CST
The only defense that was negatively impacted (AKA nerfed) was the Slime, and that was actually only due to a bug that we found mere hours after submitting the app to the App Store.

All other defense rebalancing has been done in the player's favor. Since release, the defenses have either stayed the same or gotten stronger, except for the Slime.

As far as the levels go, they've all undergone changes that made them both shorter and (generally speaking) a bit more manageable. None of the levels were made significantly harder.

-- Tiny Heroes Designer