Defense pack, why come can't use on CCF or Gaunlet? 09/29/2011 02:18 PM CDT

Can any developer explain why we can only use this pack on the dungeon and gaunlet?? I mean we bought it to help use it on HARD level so the fact that I can't use it on 1 of the diff. level of the Gaunlet is absurd. What's the point of buying it?
Re: Defense pack, why come can't use on CCF or Gaunlet? 09/29/2011 09:14 PM CDT

CCF and the Gauntlet are essentially entire campaigns of challenge levels. Even in the two main campaigns many of the challenge levels restricted you for what defenses you could use -- including none of the tower pack defenses.

As for the difficulty of the Gauntlet -- yes, it's ridiculously hard. It's sadistically hard. And they said that straight up prior to your downloading it for free. Honestly, I'm really enjoying it for what it is. And celebrating even my 1 star wins. I was able to (eventually) 3 star everything in the first 2 campaigns and CCF1, but I really don't know if I will in Gauntlet or some of CCF2.
Re: Defense pack, why come can't use on CCF or Gaunlet? 09/30/2011 04:44 PM CDT
Zathrus pretty much nailed it.

When I first asked about this as well, it was explained to me that they were designed to be a challenge. Typically when you give someone a challenge, you define the challenge thereby defining the rules of how the challenge needs to be met. Think of playing basketball with a friend and seeing who can make the more outrageous shot. Typically you're going to hear something along the lines of, "I bet you can't sink the shot from here while standing on one leg." In saying that, you've given the challenge "...can't sink the shot..." and have defined the rules of the challenge "...from here while standing on one leg."

When the developers design the challenge levels, they're doing basically the same thing. The implied challenge is always "Beat this!" while the choice of defenses they give you is basically the rules.

As to the question of why to buy it, considering you're free to use the defenses from the Pack in 40 of the 54 levels from both The Dungeon and Sorcerer's Keep, I'd say that's an awful lot of opportunities to get your mileage out of the purchase.

--Simutronics QA Intern
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