Help on this level 01/22/2012 07:08 PM CST
What's a good strategy for the level: hold the line.

I really need help.
Re: Help on this level 01/22/2012 07:32 PM CST
Plant mana crystals as fast as you can, blocking the area near the treasure.

Don't bother stocking catapult.

Put a barricade in the open hole in the center (next to the other two barricades. Put a variety of shooters behind your barricades. As you have points, add floor spikes in front of the barricades.

The idea is to concentrate on holding that choke point, with secondary objective being to put a LOT of mana crystals in the way so that if a hero does get through he's slowed down enough that you can take him out with something else.

If you can't replace a barricade in the center immediately, put a mana crystal or a shooter of some kind there. It won't last very long but it might last long enough for you to be able to replace it with a barricade.
Re: Help on this level 01/27/2012 11:35 PM CST

Plant a Mana Crystal at the back hole. Place a catapult at the bottom/top barricade in the middle. Place a Standard Spike in front of the gap. Plant 2 more Mana Crystals working from the back, whilst bombing the heroes at the front. Place another catapult in between the other two and barricade the gap. Keep planting Mana Crystals and bombing. Place two more Standard Spikes above and below the first. Plant more Mana Crystals and fill up a second row of catapults. Place a catapult in the hole at front facing back and barricade the center square in front of that barricade. Keep bombing and repairing as needed and you should easiliy get 3 Stars. I used this mission to get my Repair-Man-Man-Man-Man Achievement.