Unlocking the wallpress 03/16/2012 06:47 AM CDT

Hi there, i understand some defense are available with mroe than achievments.

WOuld you know how i can get the wall press defense please ?

Thx a lot !
Re: Unlocking the wallpress 03/16/2012 08:08 AM CDT
Wall press is unlocked by these achievements: Bomb Squad, Hard Earner, Repair Man-man-man, Gotta Go!

In general, defenses are unlocked these ways:
1. By passing certain levels of The Dungeon or Sorcerer's Keep
2. By getting achievements
3. Buying the defense pack
4. The Touch Arcade, which is a hidden defense. Here is the hint:

and the solution:
Re: Unlocking the wallpress 03/16/2012 01:26 PM CDT

Thx a didn't realized that it was possible to see this kind of information in the Achievments area :-) Now i know what i still have to do. Great game by the way :-)

PS : please please please... do a iPad version with new levels :-)